Request a Viewing for 105 Pryor Lane (2024)

$2,600 / 4 br / 2.0 ba / 1512 sqft
White Church

Welcome to White Church in Summerville, SC! This charming 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house offers a cozy fireplace, hardwood floors, and walk-in closets for ample storage space. Enjoy the convenience of RV/Boat parking, a private patio, massive deck with a hot tub!! AND an outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining guests. Relax in the hot tub after a long day and take advantage of the central heat and ceiling fans for year-round comfort. With carpeted bedrooms, a linen closet, and laundry hookups, this home has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient living experience. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to make White Church your new home!


VIRTUAL TOUR: "coming soon"

This property is PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED by Family Owned Property Management. The following are company policies that each prospective resident should be aware of:

Applications: EACH adult 18 and older MUST apply. Application Fee is $65 PER ADULT. We verify employment, credit, and backgrounds. Any information provided during the application process found to be inconsistent with the truth will automatically deem the applicant denied. This includes any discrepancies in residential history. Please visit our website for more information on our application process before applying or scheduling a showing to ensure you understand and agree to all terms.

Lease admin fee: Every approved household will be charged a $350 Lease admin fee to help facilitate the move in process.-this is ONE charge for ALL applicants

Lease Terms: All of our rentals are typical 12 month leases unless you have been approved for a shorter or longer term do not apply if you do not intend on fulfilling the 12 month term. You will be responsible for the entire 12 month's of rent!

Insurance: EVERY renter is required to carry a minimum of $300,000 liability coverage, if there are pets in the property the policy must cover those pets. FOPM must be listed as an additional insured party. Verification of insurance must be sent from the carrier to FOPM and uploaded by resident to resident portal. Each notice of cancellation will incur a $25 admin fee for investigation by our office.

Utilities/Landscape: Residents are responsible for ALL utilities, most utilities are required to be placed in Resident's name with proof provided PRIOR to move in. Very few utilities in certain circ*mstances are billed by HOA or Owner and Resident will be responsible to pay with rent as an additional charge to their account monthly.

Landscaping and trash service is the responsibility of each Resident unless provided by the HOA. All residents are required to mow, edge, weed flower beds, replenish pine straw/mulch etc., and keep yards in a neat and beautiful condition as provided to them. Any issues with landscaping MUST be addressed at a viewing. Once Resident takes possession of property they accept the yard as great condition and agree to return it in great condition.

General Pest Control: Any pest issues must be reported to FOPM with 3 days of move in to be addressed immediately. Resident is required to maintain general pest control and is responsible for any and ALL rodents, pests, bees, and the like.

Resident Rewards Program: EVERY FOPM property requires residents to enroll in the RBP- this is $100 per month in addition to rent. This program provides many benefits to our residents and more information is available on our website. DO NOT APPLY WITH FOPM WITHOUT FULLY READING AND UNDERSTANDING OUR RBP-THIS IS MANDATORY.

Animals/Pets: Each household is limited to 2 pets. Unauthorized animals of ANY KIND or for ANY LENGTH of time will be grounds for eviction. This includes pet-sitting for a friend/family member. There is absolutely NO UNAUTHORIZED ANIMALS ALLOWED ON FOPM PROPERTY AT ANYTIME. We manage properties for private owners, some may have allergies which dictate the approval or denial of some animals in the property. There is a pet admin fee of $275/pet at lease signing and $25/pet per month.

Inspection: FOPM performs periodic/quarterly inspections at all properties managed by FOPM. This is not meant to be an invasion of your privacy but a way to ensure that the quality of housing we manage stays consistent with our standards. Inspections are used to create work orders if needed for preventative maintenance and addressing issues before they become an eyesore or nuisance to our residents. If for any reason you don't want a landlord in the property on a quarterly basis, unfortunately, we are not the right fit, please do not apply, this policy is non-negotiable.

Smoking: there is NO SMOKING allowed in any of FOPM properties. This includes garages and covered areas allowing the smoke to enter the home. There are very high costs to mediate the odor of smoke if smoking occurs.

DISCLAIMER: these may not be all of our policies please visit our website and/or call our office if you have any questions. Our lease agreement is the only thing that will be deemed as a legal document for rules and policies/procedures. If you have questions regarding anything it is your responsibility to reach out BEFORE you schedule a showing and/or apply. Applications are NON-REFUNDABLE.

NOTE: We hope you are one of the few to read all the way through and get to this.... the above seems tough and maybe scary to some but we have many tenants that can attest to the joy and happiness of renting with us! :)

FOPM, LLC is an Equal Housing Lessor under the FHA. Lease terms and conditions apply. This is not an offer to rent you must submit additional information for review and approval. Listed features may not be accurate; confirm details with a leasing representative.

Avoid rental scams; FOPM LLC does not lease homes through Craigslist, SocialServe, LetGo and some other classified advertising services. See Family Owned Property Management, LLC website for full details and conditions.

Amenities: Walk-in Closets, RV/Boat Parking, Carpet, Ceiling Fans, Central Heat, Linen Closet, Fireplace, Hardwood Floors, Laundry hookup, Private Patio, Storage Space, Outdoor Kitchen, Hot tub/spa

Available Now
Amenities carpet flooring, deck, dishwasher, fenced yard, fireplace, hardwood flooring, patio, refrigerator
Restrictions This property is not available for tenants with a move in date more than 15 days from date available, more than 2 pets, an income less than 3.0x rent, a guarantor, a bankruptcy less than 10 years old, a judgment less than 7 years old, an eviction less than 5 years old, or any unmet property requirements. View more properties from Family Owned Property Management, LLC.
Deposit $2,850
Listing Agent Family Owned Property Management, LLC
Application Fee $65
Lease Admin Fee $350

All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Report problem with listing.

Request a Viewing for 105 Pryor Lane (2024)
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