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Patients can message doctors in real-time to get treatment and diagnoses

By Staff

on November 29, 2023

“This new telehealth program is going to make a difference for our patients with busy lives who want to access resources for non-critical care at a time and place that’s convenient for them.” — Jonathan Witenko, Lee Health system director for virtual health and telehealth

Just in time for the busy holiday and tourist season in Southwest Florida, Lee Health has launched a messaging-based telemedicine service. The service allows patients to message with Lee Health physicians in real-time for $29 per visit. This new option gives patients another convenient way to seek medical assistance when offices may have limited availability or hours.

The health system has also introduced an online symptom guide to help patients determine the appropriate virtual care option for their condition. The guide can review more than 130 symptoms to help advise on the direction of care.

Lee TeleHealth e-Visits treats and prescribes medications in the comfort of the patient’s home at a time that’s most convenient for them with no face-to-face interactions required. Electronic visits are an in-depth, online medical interview available 24/7 that adapts as patients answer questions. Once the e-Visit is submitted, patients will get a diagnosis and treatment plan from a Lee Health provider.

Lee TeleHealth e-Visits should be considered if a patient does not want to meet face-to-face and:

• Has a condition that isn’t urgent or considered an emergency

• Prefers not to make an appointment or sit in a waiting room

• Would rather answer questions about symptoms at their convenience

• Doesn’t mind waiting a brief period to receive a diagnosis and care instructions

• Wants a low-cost option for common conditions like colds, rashes or ear infections

A MyChart account is required but no insurance is needed. Patient questions are designed in both English and Spanish. A phone, computer or tablet that can connect to the internet is also required.

“This new telehealth program is going to make a difference for our patients with busy lives who want to access resources for non-critical care at a time and place that’s convenient for them. When it comes to minor sicknesses and injuries, Lee TeleHealth e-Visits offers a non-face-to-face care option with Lee Health providers that doesn’t require waiting rooms or taking time off work,” said Lee Health system director for virtual health and telehealth, Jonathan Witenko. “We will continue to embrace new technology to provide the best possible care and grow and evolve our virtual health program so the Southwest Florida community and beyond has access to the most convenient digital healthcare options.”

Lee TeleHealth e-Visits can treat minor conditions, including colds, rashes, bladder infections, eye pain, ear pain and sinus problems.

After patients share their symptoms, the information is entered into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the patient interview and medical history is sent to the attending provider in a chart note. The physician determines the diagnosis and best treatment plan. Any prescriptions are automatically ordered to the patient’s pharmacy of choice and a care plan from the provider is available in an After Visit Summary in MyChart.

Lee Health also offers Lee TeleHealth scheduled video visits and Lee TeleHealth on-demand video visits for $49. A patient should consider Lee TeleHealth video visits if they are having allergic reactions, anxiety and depression, asthma, dizziness, cuts or lacerations and hair loss.

If a patient is having a medical emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke, severe injury or pain, or trouble breathing, he or she should visit the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

How does it work?

Lee TeleHealth e-Visits provide the same quality care you trust from Lee Health and our providers — without having to leave home. Lee TeleHealth e-Visits works in three simple steps:

1. Use your phone or computer to answer questions about your symptoms

2. Get a diagnosis and treatment plan from a provider in less than an hour — directly in your Inbox

3. If prescribed, pick up your medication at the pharmacy of your choice

What are the benefits?

• No appointments and no waiting rooms

• Answer questions about your symptoms using our online medical interview

• Receive your diagnosis and care instructions in a timely manner

• If a medication is prescribed, you’ll be able to pick that up at the pharmacy of choice

• Low-cost option for common conditions like colds, rashes, UTIs or ear infections

How much does it cost?

A Lee TeleHealth e-Visit is $29, selfpay only. Your insurance will not be billed. We are also not accepting government payers at this time. ¦

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Lee Health launching new e-Visits program - Fort Myers Florida Weekly (2024)
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