Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (2024)

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (1)

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Lately, General Hospital has been very heavy on dialogue, and some of it feels repetitive. The transformation of characters continues, and at times, it feels like I’m watching an entirely different soap opera, though with characters I’ve watched for years, some of whom just aren’t acting like themselves.

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The Corinthos Clan

Kristina was shocked when Dex confirmed that what Joss had told her about Sonny asking him to kill Cyrus was true, but it didn’t seem to cause her to waver one bit. Then again, her question of Dex about her dad’s erratic behavior seemed to indicate she suspects his bipolar is flaring up. In last week’s column, I speculated either the stress of facing the truth about Sonny or perhaps a fight with Ava could cause Kristina to miscarry. Now, though, it looks like we might be back to everyone’s original guess about this storyline, that Kristina predictably won’t be able to give up the child once it’s born.

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (3)

Between TJ becoming an over-controlling jerk out of the blue, another one of the new writers’ character shifts, and Kristina mentioning “my baby” and “they take after me,” it looks like a custody battle is coming. Alexis made the point early on that in New York, there was no contract Kristina could sign that would take away her parental rights in a case like this. Friday ended with a big cliffhanger, and Alexis wanted to know if Kristina was thinking of this baby as more hers than Molly’s.

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Dex and Jason’s meeting was long overdue, and along with Kristina, it seems Jason is getting closer to figuring out what’s going on with Sonny and his meds. But it was Carly who finally confronted him, realizing maybe his dosage needed adjusting. Too bad she didn’t steal some of the pills as Ava did. However, her suspicions might be enough to rally his family to hold an intervention. Not that Sonny will listen… Carly’s fears about Donna being around Sonny has me wondering, will Sonny unintentionally hurt Donna in some way while manic?

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On Friday’s show, Sonny made it clear to Dante that he was the only one in his family he could trust anymore. So much for Kristina! However, it seemed to be a bit of foreshadowing. Dante admitted to Sam that he had been letting his dad slide for years, which didn’t make him a good cop, and perhaps he shouldn’t be one any longer. Say it ain’t so, Dante! Nobody wants to see Dex become Chase’s new partner! Could Dante turn on his father, leaving Sonny with no one he thinks he can trust but Ava?

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (4)

The Quartermain Bunch

Thursday’s episode was a departure from the norm. The entire episode focused on the Quartermaines and the other household members. It was nice to see that Lucy finally saw the light that she wasn’t the greatest on-camera spokesperson for Deception, and Lois becoming their new spokesmodel is perfect. Plus, as many have pointed out, it seems to solidify Rena Sofer isn’t going anywhere, and this isn’t just a brief return. Also, Lois and Brook Lynn working together is a win-win, as their scenes are always magic, along with Lois and Tracy’s bickering. Wait till Tracy finds out about Lois’ new role in the company!

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (5)

Tracy put Sasha through the wringer to become the new cook, but she passed with flying colors. One of the week’s highlights was Sasha leaping into Cody’s arms and kissing him after he assured her she’d never be homeless as long as he was around. It took long enough to get there, and now that they are living on the same estate, hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of them. Also, Cody seems to be the new Franco in a sense. Josh Kelly is phenomenal when interacting with the younger cast members on screen.

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (6)

Willow and Michael still are one of the most boring couples on the show, along with Finn and Liz, but even I got a laugh out of Cody having to stop the gang of kids from barging in on them in the middle of enjoying some afternoon delight.

Expanding Aurora

Raise your hand if you were shocked that Nina and Drew bumped uglies again in his office. No one? Yup, I figured! Almost getting caught by Willow was a fun twist, and part of me wished she had seen them. However, her thinking that Drew and Nina are on “friendly” terms is making Willow consider letting her anger towards Nina go. I’ve already been feeling Nina’s redemption arc is coming, and it looks like Drew will play a big part in it.

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Nina accidentally spilling the beans about the hate sex to Maxie was hilarious, as was the look on Maxie’s face. And as Maxie said, “What if Drew is the reason you get your family back.” Even though they’ve teased scenes with Drew and Jordan, it feels like Drew and Nina’s hate sex, which will happen again, and their finding a way to work together will lead to them becoming a couple. When Nina spoke nicely about Drew on Friday’s show to the congressmen, it felt like they were turning a corner in their relationship. They wouldn’t be the first soap couple to go from hate to love.

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (7)

Not only has Drew convinced Willow to come on board and work with him and the cancer awareness non-profit at Aurora, but he’s also pulled Curtis into his new health division. Willow bumping into Nina left and right? Again, it looks like Willow will be getting closer to Nina, whether she wants to or not, and it feels like she wants to. She’s forgiven everyone else for what they’ve done to her, so it feels hypocritical not to give Nina another chance. As for Curtis, his talk with Portia about the new job was odd. He will travel a lot for it, so does that mean we’ll see less of Curtis?

The Dwindling Cassadines

A while back, Laura cried to Kevin, saying that it felt like her family was getting smaller and smaller. This week seemed to hint that the Cassadines could be on their way out, which would be a sad thing, honestly. Ava visited Nikolas in Pentonville one last time before his transfer out of state. Here is hoping something will happen to bring Nikolas home soon, and with prison reforming him. By the way, are we ever going to find out who bought Spoon Island and Wyndemere?

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (8)

Then there is Valentin, who told Anna that Charlotte is back in her boarding school in Switzerland. Good riddance, demon child! But then again, it feels like one more reason Lulu isn’t coming out of her coma anytime soon. Of course, thanks to Jason and Dex, Anna knows Valentin is far more involved in Pikeman than ever, and Switzerland could be an excuse to do business in a neutral country. I still can’t believe she hasn’t put two and two together. It sure looks like Valentin is going down. There could be a silver lining, though; Jack admitted to Valentin he likes Anna and doesn’t want to see her getting hurt. If Valentin goes down, could Jack get redeemed and released? Jack and Anna as a potential couple? Carly and Jack’s ship is quickly sailing as she’s getting closer to John “not Jagger.”

Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (9)

Final Thoughts…

We’ve got a new Aiden, which I’m sad about because I really liked the former actor. Also, to bring a new actor in just as Aiden is being given a bigger storyline, likely being bullied at school for being gay, is odd timing. However, I look forward to the show giving Liz more of a storyline involving her children.

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Finally, Natalia is a piece of work! The only person who seems to like her is Sonny, and well, he’s off his proper meds. I adored Alexis shooing her out after she insulted Kristina, calling her “just a bartender,” and then phoning Diane to vent about the bad impression she made on her.

That’s all I’ve got, folks! As always, these are my opinions, and you should feel free to leave yours in the comments below.

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Carly and Ava’s Renewed Feud May Be What Saves Sonny on General Hospital — and Is It Inevitable That Drew and Nina Will Become a Couple? (2024)


Did Jason and Carly ever sleep together? ›

Yes, Jason and Carly slept together but it was back in 1996. Since then, absolutely NOT. This is one of Carly's many infuriating solutions to her ongoing problems creating by her own folly.

Who is messing with Sonny's meds on General Hospital? ›

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava Jerome (Maura West) is once again messing with a Corinthos' man's medication.

Is Carly in love with Jason? ›

Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten states that Jason and Carly "are one of the great loves of one another's lives, but that doesn't necessarily mean romantic love.

Are Sonny and Carly together? ›

They have been married four times and reunited in 2008, 2010 and most recently in 2014. Together, the couple share seven children; Michael, Dante, Josslyn, Kristina, Avery, Morgan and Donna. The couple has had their ups and downs, but throughout it all they have remained friends and support one another.

Who did Carly end up with? ›

In an interview following the end of the finale, Nathan Kress said that Carly and Freddie do indeed love each other. Additionally, Miranda Cosgrove confirmed that Carly and Freddie are indeed endgame and would end up together.

Who does Carly end up dating? ›

After 16 years, Carly Shay and Freddie Benson have officially got together in the iCarly universe. Ever since the original iCarly debuted in 2007, fans have wanted Carly and Freddie to go from friends to lovers.

Is Sonny on GH sick in real life? ›

He plays a TV character with bipolar disorder — and was himself diagnosed with it at age 22. Maurice has spent two decades playing gangster Michael “Sonny” Corinthos Jr. on the daytime drama General Hospital.

Is Sonny's real son on General Hospital? ›

Joshua James Benard is an American actor known for his portrayals of young Sonny Corinthos and Adam Wright in the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Maurice Benard who portrays Sonny Corinthos on GH.

What does Sonny on General Hospital do for a living? ›

Character Biography. Sonny Corinthos (a.k.a. the Godfather of Port Charles) is a "businessman" and owner of Corinthos Coffee. He has five living children: Dante Falconeri, Michael Corinthos, Kristina Davis, Avery Corinthos, and Donna Corinthos.

Who did Jason fall in love with? ›

Aeëtes promised to give the Fleece to Jason only if he could perform three certain tasks. Presented with the tasks, Jason became discouraged and fell into depression. However, Hera had persuaded Aphrodite to convince her son Eros to make Aeëtes's daughter, Medea, fall in love with Jason.

Who did Jason want to marry? ›

Jason. Jason can be considered the play's villain, though his evil stems more from weakness than strength. A former adventurer, he abandons his wife, Medea, in order to marry Glauce, the beautiful young daughter of Creon, King of Corinth.

Who is Carly on General Hospital married to in real life? ›

Wright married architect John Wright on October 7, 1995. They have two children. In April 2016, Wright announced that she and John decided to end their marriage. As of 2017, Wright is in a relationship with her former General Hospital co-star Wes Ramsey.

Why did Sonny leave Carly? ›

After she came out of her coma, Carly met her biological father, John Durant, who was trying to send both Sonny and Rick to prison. Sonny split up with Carly again because she kept Alexis' secret that Kristina was really his daughter. Carly next started dating Alcazar, but then Michael was kidnapped and presumed dead.

Who was Sonny's first wife? ›

Lily Rivera

How many times did Carly marry Sonny? ›

Carly is the daughter of attorney, John Durant and Nurse Bobbie Spencer via one night stand - both deceased. Sonny and Carly have been married and divorced four times, although the characters like to say that they have been marred five times because of their vow renewal in 2001.

Who has Carly slept with on General Hospital? ›

Carly befriends A.J. Quartermaine and begins a sexual relationship with his brother, Jason, after meeting him at Jake's.

Who was Jason in love with on General Hospital? ›

During his recuperation, Jason and Elizabeth are romantically drawn to each other, but a relationship is never established due to his conflicting feelings for Carly.

Does Carly get pregnant? ›

Lewbert blurts out that Carly is pregnant much to everyone's excitement, especially Freddie. Freddie asks Carly if they are having a baby together and she tells him she isn't actually pregnant, much to his disappointment, but Gwen finds out about the couple.

Did Carly sleep with Tony on General Hospital? ›

Tony Jones. In 1996, Carly came to Port Charles in order to ruin her mother Bobbie's life because she gave her up for adoption. Carly set her sights on Bobbie's husband Tony. She succeeded in seducing Tony, but slept with A.J. at the same time and became pregnant.

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